Grandma Talks


We invite you to submit a recording of your own conversation with your grandmother or granddaughter. If you identify as trans or non-binary, you are also welcome to submit. 

Thank you for contributing to the archive.


How submission works:

  • Talk to your grandmother or granddaughter about participating in the project.
  • Prepare your audio recording setup (see below for tips and tricks on how to record on your phone).
  • Record your conversation.
  • Optional: Collect photos, videos, images, or any other supporting material you want to see next to your conversation.
  • When you are done recording, fill out this form and send us your files.


Recording another person requires you to obtain consent from them. Please talk to your conversation partner about this project and where you intend to upload the audio file. By submitting your audio file and any other material, you give us permission to post the material to the website and you guarantee that you have obtained consent from the other person.

Optional: An easy way to be sure you obtained consent is to record an audio file with yourself or the other person reading the following text: “My name is [name of participant] and I give permission to Sonya and Alexandra to use my voice recording and submitted photographs on the Grandma Talks website.”

If you ever change your mind, you can always email at [] to have your conversation and pictures removed from the website.

Grandma Talks is an online audio archive of anonymous phone conversations between grandmothers and granddaughters. The intention behind this archive is to allow the listener to witness the transforming experience of womanhood, captured in the exchanges between generations of women.

This website was created by Sonya Mladenova and Alexandra Knowles with the Digital Originals Canada Arts Council Grant.

Thank you for contributing to the archive – we are eternally grateful.

Sonya + Alexandra
September 2021