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Episode 12: Baba Jackie

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Wednesay, July 12, ‎2023
📞 Montreal QC, Canada

Eleanor: Hi!

Sonya: Hi, Eleanor!

Eleanor: Hi.!

Sonya: Your grandma is right here. And we are recording the conversation, So whenever you feel ready, you can just start talking or…

Baba Jackie: And she, you know, she’ll be calling me.

Eleanor: Yes, I’m right here. Baba.

Baba Jackie: Baba.

Eleanor: I call her Baba.

Babe Jackie: Yeah, So high, huh?

Eleanor: I said, okay. You’re going to ask you something?

Baba Jackie: Yeah, I’m just, How you, How are you doing at work?

Eleanor: Oh work’s been going really well. I like, um, everybody I work with, all my coworkers. Did you um, Colin started at the same place?

Baba Jackie: Yes, I did. Yeah. Uh huh.

Eleanor: Yeah. I don’t know if you’ve asked him about it, but he’s been liking it too, from what I can understand. 

Baba Jackie: Mm. 

Eleanor: So that’s nice.

Baba Jackie: Oh yeah. He, I remember him saying that he was going to go work, work with you.

Eleanor: Mhm.

Baba Jackie: Yeah.

Eleanor: Yeah. But I think he really likes that.

Baba Jackie: Oh yes. You, you two always got along so well. 

Eleanor: Yeah. 

Baba Jackie: Right. 

Eleanor: Yeah, we’re pretty good as siblings go. 

Baba Jackie: Yes 

Eleanor: I’d say we’re pretty solid. Yeah…How have you been doing?

Baba Jackie: I’m not too bad, you know. Mm. No, it’s not too bad.

Eleanor: Good, I’m glad to hear it.

Baba Jackie: I don’t like the hot weather. 

Eleanor: Yeah.

Baba Jackie: hot, hot, hot. I don’t like that. But what are you going to do about it?

Eleanor: Yeah, haha, um, well, I mean, my family will be getting out of the city for a few days to go up to, um, a cabin, actually, so that’ll be nice 

Baba Jackie: When?

Eleanor:  In a few weeks.

Baba Jackie: Oh, okay. Yeah, that’s good.

Eleanor: Yeah, I guess you used to go to your aunt and uncle’s cabin, right, when you were a kid?

Baba Jackie: Yeah, well, he. But, yes, the summer times, the summers. 

Eleanor: Yeah.

Baba Jackie: yeah, Pardon?

Eleanor: I was just going to ask how long you usually spend out there?

Baba Jackie: Oh, until it’s time to go to school again.

Eleanor: Oh, ok so a long time?

Baba Jackie:  Yeah. Yeah. But it was, it was a nice place to be.

Eleanor: Mhm. I can imagine

Baba Jackie: See, they were, they were fishermen on Lake Superior. 

Eleanor: Okay

Baba Jackie: and that was, their living. 

Eleanor: Yeah. 

Baba Jackie: Yeah. And I heard a whole lot of uh, Finnish.

Eleanor: So this cabin, Was it, were you pretty secluded or was it near a town?

Baba Jackie: Yeah, it’s. Do you, do you know the down there, you probably don’t know. But there’s a place, a thing called the sleeping giant.

Eleanor: Oh, I remember that..

Baba Jackie: Okay. Yeah, okay. Just picture yourself here in a in a boat. You go out there, but you go to the other side of it, 

Eleanor: Okay? It’s it’s like on the,  Let’s see the little ways out then.

Baba Jackie: Yeah, And you come to a a very, very nice, a lovely place and a lot of history behind it. Um, yeah, it, it now it a lot of people there, that’s where they’re summer cabins are. 

Eleanor: Yeah. 

Baba Jackie: Yeah. And then there’s where we were,, I was there with my aunt and uncle. They were just down into Camp Bay, but like yeah that was their…..Yeah, I’d like to go to there one more time before I, before I’ll die, but I no, there’s no way I can get out there.

Eleanor: I would imagine it’d be difficult.

Baba Jackie: Oh yeah.

Eleanor: You’d have to find someone who could sail you out there because I don’t think there’s a bridge there even now. So was this like a big island that the cabin was on or …?

Baba Jackie: Yes. Yes, it it was. Yeah. But it’s a lovely place. Like, you know, it really is a nice place.

Eleanor: Mm. Sounds lovely.

Baba Jackie: Yeah. I came home my one night, I never got over this. I was, I was down in Sandy, sandy cheap, Cheap or something. Yeah. And so then I, I started home like, you know, and, and I got to, to there and I, I just happened to look on a pile of rocks and there’s a snake haha. 

Eleanor: Oh no

Baba Jackie: I can see that snake. I ran. I ran from, like, a semi-circle, you know. And I got to and my, I said to my aunt, I saw a snake! And she said “that snake wasn’t going to hurt you” …

Eleanor: yeah. 

Baba Jackie: Well I quit going to, to go out there when I was about 12 or 13 or 14 some I, I wanted to be in town.

Eleanor: Yeah. 

Baba Jackie: Yeah. 

Eleanor: Stay with your friends and stuff.

Baba Jackie: That’s right. Yeah. Yeah. So are you, are you do your um. What kind of a place is it? A like a restaurant where you work?
Eleanor: Yeah, it’s a restaurant.

Baba Jackie: Oh, 

Eleanor: yeah. 

Baba Jackie: Oh, I didn’t realize that was at the restaurant. Oh, good. 

Eleanor:  Yeah. So I’m serving and Colin is a bass player. Yeah.

Baba Jackie: Oh, oh. He’ll be a good bass boy.

Eleanor:  Yeah, he’s good at that.

Baba Jackie: He’s good. Yeah. Mm.

Eleanor:  I think my mom was talking about going down there with you sometime soon.

Baba Jackie: Yes, yes. I think that we’re we’re going to do that.

Eleanor: Yeah. 

Baba Jackie: Mm hmm. 

Eleanor: You’’ll be able to see what it’s all what it’s like.

Baba Jackie: Yeah, yeah.

Eleanor: Mm.

Baba Jackie: That’s good. I’d like to see you.

Eleanor: Yeah, well, I’m trying to get a day off work soon because, um, my boyfriend is actually coming to visit this week, so I think we’re going to come visit you on Sunday.

Baba Jackie: What? Which boy was that? The boy?

Eleanor: The boy you met? He was at dinner on my mom’s birthday. 

Baba Jackie: Yeah.

Eleanor: The really small one.

Baba Jackie: Yeah

Eleanor: Yeah, him. His name is Max.

Baba Jackie: Yeah.

Eleanor: You met him. You said you liked him. Maybe you were lying, but that’s okay. I appreciate it. 

Baba Jackie: No, I liked him.

Eleanor: Okay, that’s good.

Baba Jackie: He talks a lot, but, you know,  that’s no…

Eleanor: No, he can be chatty. That’s true. Yeah. But, you know, overall if you think he’s all right, that’s good. That’s important. 

Baba Jackie: Don’t look at me. You’ve got to…

Eleanor: Well, I  know, 

Baba Jackie: You’ve got to see that he’s all right. 

Eleanor: Yeah well I think he’s all right but your opinion matters to me..

Baba Jackie: Well, thank you. Thank you.

Eleanor: Okay, well, Baba I think I have to go. 

Baba Jackie: Yeah.

Eleanor: but it was really nice to talk to you and I’m going to see you, If not this weekend, then I’ll make a point to come see you really soon, okay?

Baba Jackie: Yes, okay, dear.

Eleanor: okay, Yeah. 

Baba Jackie:  Bye now
Eleanor: Bye bye. Have a good day.

Baba Jackie:  Bye bye.

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